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When your carpet has been professionally cleaned the difference is quite remarkable.  Many people do not realize just how much dirt and sediment including dander build up in their carpets throughout time.  Even if you consistently clean your carpets yourself they can still be dirty and having them professionally cleaned is a great way to ensure that all of those allergens and sediments have been removed. 

Carpet Cleaning Wilmington NC Sano is your best choice company for your carpet cleaning.  They offer residue free cleaning and they use fast drying hot water carpet extraction that really deep cleans your carpets.  When you want your carpet cleaned it can be hard to find a company that will do a good job but does not charge an exceedingly large amount to do their job.  Carpet Cleaning Wilmington gets you the results you want for a good price.  They also clean your carpets in a timely manner so they are not only cost effective but they are also very efficient in their carpet cleaning. 

When you decide to go with Sano for your carpet cleaning needs you are not only getting great service but you are also getting several other great benefits.  For example having your carpets professionally cleaned can really help with any asthma and/or allergy sufferers that are in the household.  By removing all of those deep seated allergens, hair, dust mites, and dander it can make a huge difference in how much they affect your household.  Also getting your carpet done by professionals it may seem like an expense but your carpet will be twice as clean for twice as long which actually saves you money as you do not need it to be cleaned as often.

What makes Sano Steam different from other carpet cleaners is that they use a truck mount so that the only part of the system that enters your home are the vacuum hose and a quite wand.  That way the noise level stays down and you do not have to worry about the larger equipment actually tracking in more dirt and grime.  They have great options for you to choose from as well when it comes to how many rooms you would like cleaned or if you want your whole home done.  Prices vary based on the amount of rooms and the services that you request.  However, no matter which option you choose they are quick and efficient when it comes to cleaning your carpets and you will be surprised at how quickly your floors dry as it only takes a few hours!

If you do not have carpets they have other great services that include air duct cleaning and hardwood floor preservation.  Getting your air ducts cleaned is also extremely beneficial for individuals that have allergies as HEPA cleaning gets rid of those allergens.  If you have hardwood floors that you want to ensure stay looking great and do not want the finish to wear they can help you with that as well.  They not only clean your wood floors they apply a preservation finish that keep your floors looking like new.  Having nice clean carpets and wood floors can really make a difference in how your home looks and feels.

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Dusting Specials:

  • Carpet Cleaning Express ($143.00)
    Take advantage of our express carpet cleaning special. this offer allow you to clean carpet 
  • up to 3 areas including enzyme treatment for $143.00
  • Whole House Express ($195.00)
    This service include Sano pre conditioner enzyme treatment, and Pure Water Extraction on 
  • every visible wal to wal carpets in your house (including closets) perfect for vacant!
  • Air Duct Cleaning ($509.00)
    Our exclusive soft brush agitate all the Air Ducts surfaces from debris and prepares dirt for 
  • the supper vacuum to suck out side your home including microbial ULV (up to 12 vents).

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